[2][81] The Commission's civil service is headed by a Secretary General. [53][54] This monopoly has been challenged by some who claim the Parliament should also have the right, with most national parliaments holding the right in some respects. In 2009 (as with 2004), the Lisbon Treaty was not in force and Barroso was not "elected" by the Parliament, but rather nominated by the European Council; in any case, the centre-right parties of the EU pressured for a candidate from their own ranks. [18] The Rey Commission completed the Community's customs union in 1968, and campaigned for a more powerful, elected, European Parliament. It achieved agreement on a contentious cereal price accord, as well as making a positive impression upon third countries when it made its international debut at the Kennedy Round of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) negotiations. La Commissione europea è una delle principali istituzioni dell'Unione europea, suo organo esecutivo e promotrice del processo legislativo. La valutazione della Commissione europea ha portato all’identificazione dei diversi livelli di impegno per ogni Stato membro, sulla cui base la Commissione europea ha presentato raccomandazioni concrete agli Stati membri per la redazione dei loro piani strategici della PAC, assicurando un collegamento con l’ambizione del Green Deal europeo. This also leads to an unusually high number of press releases, 1907 for 2006, and is seen as a unique product of the EU's political set-up. Tenga la bondad de tomarse unos minutos en completar nuestra breve encuesta al final de su visita. The European Commission derives from one of the five key institutions created in the supranational European Community system, following the proposal of Robert Schuman, French Foreign Minister, on 9 May 1950. It takes place every weekday in the commission's press room at the Berlaymont where journalists may ask questions of Commission officials on any topic and legitimately expect to get an "on the record" answer for live TV. Once legislation is passed by the Council and Parliament, it is the commission's responsibility to ensure it is implemented. Codice di condotta e statistiche per il personale della Commissione europea. Su mandato durará cinco años, desde la fecha en que finaliza el mandato de la actual Comisión hasta el 31 de octubre de 2024. Active . Más información sobre los servicios de prensa. Such a situation is unique in the world. Commissione europea. There is one journalist covering EU news for Latvia and none for Lithuania. [47] The rules of procedure of the European Commission set out the commission's operation and organisation. She had not been considered a likely candidate (in general, the elected candidate is determined, according to the results of the European election, as winner of internal election into the dominant European party known as "spitzenkandidat"). Ultima editare a paginii a fost efectuată la 27 mai 2020, ora 04:07. La Commissione europea ha comprato i vaccini per tutti i 27 Paesi membri. Si no es periodista, envíe su solicitud al servicio de información al público. In his first term, from 1985 to 1988, he rallied Europe to the call of the single market, and when appointed to a second term he began urging Europeans toward the far more ambitious goals of economic, monetary and political union". [14], The first Commission originated in 1951 as the nine-member "High Authority" under President Jean Monnet (see Monnet Authority). El Servicio de Prensa celebra ruedas de prensa, ofrece cobertura audiovisual de los actos importantes y proporciona instalaciones para los periodistas. Hence a guarantee given for a rerun of the vote was that the council would use its power to amend the number of Commissioners upwards. However, they are bound to act independently – free from other influences such as those governments which appointed them. El Consejo de la Unión Europea. Although he was a little-known former French finance minister, he breathed life and hope into the EC and into the dispirited Brussels Commission. If members of the team are found to be too inappropriate, the President must then reshuffle the team or request a new candidate from the member state or risk the whole Commission being voted down. El mandato del presidente del Banco Central Europeo dura ocho años y no es renovable. Some states, such as France, expressed reservations over the power of the High Authority, and wished to limit it by giving more power to the Council rather than the new executives. Proprio per questo, la Commissione europea viene anche detta “organo di individui”, nel rispetto dell’articolo 17 del Trattato sull’Unione europea che recita: “I membri della Commissione sono scelti in base alla loro competenza generale e al loro impegno europeo e tra personalità che offrono tutte le garanzie di indipendenza. Chiesta dalla Commissione europea a tutti gli Stati membri” IFQ. Lascia questo campo vuoto se sei umano: Europa Business School. En toda nuestra vida, estamos expuestos a una serie de eventos que causan una impresión positiva o negativa, entre estas experiencias se encuentran los traumas… Some EU states at that time did not even have a crime against shipping toxic waste; this led the Commissioners Franco Frattini and Stavros Dimas to put forward the idea of "ecological crimes". [96] Defenders of the Commission point out that legislation must be approved by the Council in all areas (the ministers of member states) and the European Parliament in most areas before it can be adopted, thus the amount of legislation which is adopted in any one country without the approval of its government is limited. Rimani informato sulle notizie dall'Europa e … The European Parliament can dissolve the commission as a whole following a vote of no-confidence but only the President can request the resignation of an individual Commissioner. European Union website - EUROPA is the official EU website that provides access to information published by all EU institutions, agencies and bodies. It includes 47 member states, 27 of which are members of the European Union. Share this page on: Facebook. [82] The rules of procedure of the European Commission set out the commission's operation and organisation. The commission's chief spokesperson is Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen who takes the midday press briefings, commonly known as the "Midday Presser". LA COMMISSIONE EUROPEA La Commissione è l'istituzione dell'UE che detiene il monopolio dell'iniziativa legislativa e importanti poteri esecutivi in settori quali la concorrenza e il commercio esterno. During the Juncker presidency Selmayr has been described as "the most powerful EU chief of staff ever. Within the EU, the legitimacy of the commission is mainly drawn from the vote of approval that is required from the European Parliament, along with its power to dismiss the body. El presidente del Consejo Europeo ha sido elegido para el periodo comprendido entre el 1 de diciembre de 2019 y el 31 de mayo de 2022. This has increased with the creation of the President of the European Council under the Treaty of Lisbon. [59][60] This is opposed to weighting regulations for their effect on the economy. [25], The Commission headed by Jacques Delors was seen as giving the Community a sense of direction and dynamism. Saranno le autorità nazionali a determinare i criteri in base ai quali attivare la richiesta di assistenza da parte dell'UE. [42][43] The treaty further provides that the most recent European elections should be "taken into account" when appointing the commission, although the President is still proposed by the European Council; the European Parliament "elects" the commission, rather than "approves" it as under the Treaty of Nice.[42]. 17.5 TUE aveva previsto che, dal 1° novembre 2014, avrebbe dovuto costituirsi di un numero di membri corrispondente ai due terzi del numero degli Stati membri, compresi il presidente e l’alto rappresentante dell’Unione per gli affari esteri e la politica di sicurezza. 78K likes. El Consejo Europeo ha considerado también que Christine Lagarde es la candidata adecuada a presidenta del Banco Central Europeo. Under the Treaty of Lisbon, no legislative act is allowed in the field of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. It took office first on 10 August 1952 in Luxembourg City. However, the treaty was rejected by voters in Ireland in 2008 with one main concern being the loss of their Commissioner. Relocation of the UK-based EU agencies. [9] The current Commission is the Von der Leyen Commission, which took office in December 2019, following the European Parliament elections in May of the same year. Under the Treaty of Nice, the first Commission to be appointed after the number of member states reached 27 would have to be reduced to "less than the number of Member States". [40][41] This guarantee (which may find its way into the next treaty amendment, probably in an accession treaty) contributed to the Irish approving the treaty in a second referendum in 2009. [17] in 1965, however, accumulating differences between the French government of Charles de Gaulle and the other member states on various subjects (British entry, direct elections to Parliament, the Fouchet Plan and the budget) triggered the "empty chair" crisis, ostensibly over proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy. [66] Finally, the Commission provides some external representation for the Union, alongside the member states and the Common Foreign and Security Policy, representing the Union in bodies such as the World Trade Organization. Owing to the size of the European market, this has made EU legislation an important influence in the global market. Más información sobre la suscripción a Scribd Prende decisioni sull'orientamento strategico e politico della Commissione. The term Commission is variously used, either in the narrow sense of the 27-member College of Commissioners (or College) or to also include the administrative body of about 32,000 European civil servants who are split into departments called directorates-general and services. Each covers a specific policy area such as agriculture or justice and citizens' rights or internal services such as human resources and translation and is headed by a director-general who is responsible to a commissioner. Following the accession of Romania and Bulgaria in January 2007, this clause took effect for the next Commission. [31] However, the Santer Commission did carry out work on the Treaty of Amsterdam and the euro. [61], Recently the commission has moved into creating European criminal law. Țară . On 9 September, the European Council declared a list of candidate-commissioners which has to be officially approved by the parliament. Lisbon also combined the posts of European Commissioner for External Relations with the council's High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy. Walter Hallstein led the first Commission of the EEC, holding the first formal meeting on 16 January 1958 at the Château of Val-Duchesse. Owing to this opposition, Barroso was forced to reshuffle his team before taking office. [104], The European Commission has an Action Plan to enhance preparedness against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) security risks as part of its anti-terrorism package released in October 2017. [91], As the commission is the executive branch, candidates are chosen individually by the 27 national governments. Căutați membri. [109] Additionally, the European Commission has facilities that support it in Alicante, Spain; Munich, Germany; and Varese, Italy. In 2014, Jean-Claude Juncker became President of the European Commission. [1] È composta da un delegato per ogni Stato membro dell'Unione europea (detto Commissario ), richiedendo a ciascun delegato la massima indipendenza decisionale dal governo nazionale che lo ha indicato. Little heed was taken of his administration at first but, with help from the European Court of Justice, his Commission stamped its authority solidly enough to allow future Commissions to be taken more seriously. Originating in 1951 as the High Authority in the European Coal and Steel Community, the commission has undergone numerous changes in power and composition under various presidents, involving three Communities. Una decisione tempestiva consentirà di mettere a disposizione subito i finanziamenti e di agire dove è più urgente farlo. However the more capable the candidate is, the more likely the Commission President will assign them a powerful portfolio, the distribution of which is entirely at his or her discretion. Historically, the commission had indeed been seen as a technocratic expert body which, akin with institutions such as independent central banks, deals with technical areas of policy and therefore ought to be removed from party politics. The power of a Commissioner largely depends upon their portfolio, and can vary over time. 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Subiecte . Tutti gli Stati membri del Consiglio d'Europa hanno aderito alla Commissione di Venezia. This monopoly is designed to ensure coordinated and coherent drafting of EU law. La Commissione europea ha approvato un quarto contratto con le società farmaceutiche BioNTech e Pfizer, che permetterà l'acquisto iniziale di 200 milioni di dosi per conto di tutti gli Stati membri dell'UE, con l'opzione di richiedere fino a 100 milioni di dosi ulteriori, che verranno fornite non appena saranno dimostrate la sicurezza e l'efficacia del vaccino contro la COVID-19. [88] However, following the global downturn, the press corps in Brussels shrunk by a third by 2010. Faceţi diferența. [87], There is a larger press corps in Brussels than Washington, D.C.; in 2007, media outlets in every Union member-state had a Brussels correspondent. También conocido informalmente como el Consejo de la UE, es el foro donde se reúnen los ministros nacionales de los países de la UE para adoptar la legislación y coordinar las políticas. La candidata propuesta deberá ser elegida por el Parlamento Europeo por mayoría de los miembros que lo componen. Para el nombramiento formal del alto representante por el Consejo Europeo es necesario el acuerdo de la presidenta electa de la Comisión. La Comisión Europea es la principal administradora del presupuesto, y destina 80% del mismo a los Estados miembros y más o menos 13% al resto del mundo. [2] Commissioners swear an oath at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg City, pledging to respect the treaties and to be completely independent in carrying out their duties during their mandate. Committee of Independent Experts, 1999", "The resignation of the Santer-Commission: the impact of 'trust' and 'reputation, "Discover the former Presidents: The Santer Commission", "Prodi to Have Wide, New Powers as Head of the European Commission", "Commentary: Romano Prodi: Europe's First Prime Minister? Juncker appointed his previous campaign director and head of the transition team, Martin Selmayr, as his chief of cabinet. [28], The successor to Delors was Jacques Santer. El Consejo Europeo adoptará una decisión formal sobre su nombramiento atendiendo a una recomendación del Consejo y tras consultar al Parlamento Europeo y al Consejo de Gobierno del BCE. That was the first time a Commission had been forced to resign en masse, and represented a shift of power towards the Parliament. Their right to propose criminal law was challenged in the European Court of Justice but upheld. COMMISSIONE EUROPEA Bruxelles, 25.3.2020 C(2020) 1981 final COMUNICAZIONE DELLA COMMISSIONE Orientamenti agli Stati membri per quanto riguarda gli investimenti esteri diretti e la libera circolazione dei capitali provenienti da paesi terzi, nonché la protezione delle [65] Furthermore, the commission is responsible for the implementation of the EU budget, ensuring, along with the Court of Auditors, that EU funds are correctly spent. Más información sobre documentos y publicaciones. El Consejo de la UE es la institución que representa a los gobiernos de los Estados miembros. Los funcionarios del Servicio de Prensa hablan extraoficialmente sobre las actividades del Consejo. [99] Lack of transparency, unclear lobbyist relations, conflicts of interests and excessive spending of the commission was highlighted in a number of reports by internal and independent auditing organisations. Contractual agents, detached national experts, young experts, trainees etc.) Fue en la cumbre europea de París en febrero de 1974 cuando se decidió que estas reuniones de Jefes de Estado o de Gobierno se celebrarían en lo sucesivo regularmente y adoptarían el nombre de "Consejo Europeo" para permitir un enfoque global de los problemas de la construcción europea y garantizar la cohesión del conjunto de las actividades comunitarias. Para obtener más información sobre estas cookies, sobre cómo y por qué las utilizamos y sobre el modo en que puede modificar su configuración, consulte nuestra página sobre la política de cookies. Join our Newsletter . However, individual Commissioners, by request of the council or Commission, can be compelled to retire on account of a breach of obligation(s) and if so ruled by the European Court of Justice (Art. A release often goes through several stages of drafting which emphasises the role of the commission and is used "for justifying the EU and the commission" increasing their length and complexity. Acest text este disponibil sub licența Creative Commons cu atribuire și distribuire în condiții identice; pot exista și clauze suplimentare.Vedeți detalii la Termenii de utilizare. The High Authority was the supranational administrative executive of the new European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). Organizzazione della Commissione. Only the commission can make formal proposals for legislation: they cannot originate in the legislative branches. El Consejo de la UE y el Consejo Europeo trabajan en una amplia gama de temas que interesan a la UE y a sus ciudadanos. In addition to these, 9230 "external staff" (e.g. Cooperation with the Member States. La Commissione europea è l'organo esecutivo dell'UE. [8] Where there are multiple departments involved a press release can also be a source of competition between areas of the Commission and Commissioners themselves. [48][49] This aspect has been changed by the Treaty of Lisbon, after which the Commission exercises its powers just by virtue of the treaties. (int'l edition)", "Auditor blames politicians for EC waste and corruption", "Guido Strack – the downfall of a whistleblower", "Paul van Buitenen: Alleged irregularities in OLAF", "Rejection may undermine EU's effectiveness, warns Swedish premier", Czechs prepare for possible second Irish No, "Brussels European Council 21/22 June 2007: Presidency Conclusions", "European Commission press release of 9 September 2019", "Interview with European Commission Secretary-General Catherine Day", "Implementing powers of the Council of the European Union", "Evolution of the European Council: The implications of a permanent seat", "Executive Power in the New European Constitution", "The Citizens' Right of Initiative in the European Constitution: A Second Chance for Democracy", "EU/China/US climate survey shows public optimism about reversing climate change", "Brussels European Council, Presidency Conclusions", "Portuguese premier wants to unite bloc: Barroso nominated to head EU executive", "Portugal's Prime Minister Barroso nominated as European Commission president", "José Manuel Durão Barroso: The New Commission President", "Nomination of Commission President handled 'in a most unsatisfactory way, "Statement by the President-designate of the Commission", "EU commission sees civil servants' power grow", "[Comment] Power is slipping from the commission to the council", "La Commission européenne a une nouvelle secrétaire générale", "Former EU Mandarin Spills the Beans on Commission Intrigue", "EU carefully manages PR through 1000s of press releases", "The peculiar world of the European Union", "Search result in Rapid, the European Commission's press database, 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2010 and 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011", "As the E.U. It is also usual for the President to attend meetings of the G8. [69] Another example is the Competition Commissioner, who holds a highly visible position with global reach. La Commissione inoltre vigila sulla corretta applicazione del diritto europeo da parte dei singoli stati membri. However, the council was allowed to withdraw these powers, exercise them directly, or impose conditions on their use. Barroso's first Commission term expired on 31 October 2009. As of 2007, the only other criminal law proposals which have been brought forward are on the intellectual property rights directive,[62] and on an amendment to the 2002 counter-terrorism framework decision, outlawing terrorism‑related incitement, recruitment (especially via the internet) and training.[63]. Capitale: Copenaghen; Lingue ufficiali dell’UE: danese; Membro dell'UE: dal 1º gennaio 1973; Valuta: corona danese DKK.La Danimarca ha negoziato una clausola di esenzione dall’euro e quindi non è obbligata a introdurlo. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with … [10], There has been criticism from a number of people that the highly fragmented DG structure wastes a considerable amount of time in turf wars as the different departments and Commissioners compete with each other. Pagini din categoria „Liste despre membrii Parlamentului European” Următoarele 73 pagini aparțin acestei categorii, dintr-un total de 73. [67] Before the commission can assume office, the college as a whole must be approved by the Parliament. [35] The Barroso Commission was also the first full Commission since the enlargement in 2004 to 25 members; hence, the number of Commissioners at the end of the Prodi Commission had reached 30. For example, the Education Commissioner has been growing in importance, in line with the rise in the importance of education and culture in European policy-making. La Secretaría General del Consejo es un órgano administrativo encargado de asistir al Consejo Europeo y al Consejo de la UE. If not, the European Council shall propose another candidate within one month. [83][84], According to figures published by the commission, 23,803 persons were employed by the commission as officials and temporary agents in September 2012. Although there has been a worldwide cut in journalists, the considerable press releases and operations such as Europe by Satellite and EuroparlTV leads many news organisations to believe they can cover the EU from these source and news agencies. También conocido informalmente como el Consejo de la UE, es el foro donde se reúnen los ministros nacionales de los países de la UE para adoptar la legislación y … È il principale organo esecutivo dell'Unione europea ed è composta da un Collegio di membri comprendente un Commissario per ogni Stato membro. Antes de su nombramiento formal por el Consejo Europeo, la presidenta de la Comisión, el alto representante y los restantes miembros de la Comisión deberán someterse, de forma colegiada, a una votación de aprobación del Parlamento Europeo. — L'autorità competente dello Stato membro che necessita di assistenza trasmette una notifica agli Stati membri e alla Commissione europea tramite il SARR. El Consejo Europeo reúne a los dirigentes de la UE como mínimo 4 veces al año. A commissioner's portfolio can be supported by numerous DGs; they prepare proposals for them and if approved by a majority of commissioners proposals go forward to the Parliament and Council for consideration. [92] The fact that the commission can directly decide (albeit with oversight from specially formed 'comitology committees') on the shape and character of implementing legislation further raises concerns about democratic legitimacy. Furthermore, the DGs can exercise considerable control over a Commissioner with the Commissioner having little time to learn to assert control over their staff. [86], It has been noted by one researcher that the press releases issued by the commission are uniquely political. I membri della Commissione sono attualmente in numero pari a quello degli Stati membri, ma a causa dell’aumento di quest’ultimi, l’art. El Servicio de Prensa es el primer punto de contacto para todas las solicitudes de los medios de comunicación. Se la Commissione dà parere positivo, il Consiglio adotta un mandato di negoziazione. Each Commissioner is first nominated by their member state in consultation with the Commission President. [107][108] When the Parliament is meeting in Strasbourg, the Commissioners also meet there in the Winston Churchill building to attend the Parliament's debates. [73][74][75] In 2004, this system produced a number of candidates[76] and was thus criticised by some MEPs: following the drawn-out selection, the ALDE group leader Graham Watson described the procedure as a "Justus Lipsius carpet market" producing only the "lowest common denominator"; while Green-EFA co-leader Daniel Cohn-Bendit asked Barroso after his first speech "If you are the best candidate, why were you not the first?"[77][78]. Pubblicate le raccomandazioni della Commissione europea agli Stati membri sulla definizione dei Piani Strategici della PAC. [55] However, the Council and Parliament may request the commission to draft legislation, though the Commission does have the power to refuse to do so[56] as it did in 2008 over transnational collective conventions. La Commissione europea è stata fondata nel 1958 e ha sede a Bruxelles in Belgio. [26] Delors and his team are also considered as the "founding fathers of the euro". For the most part, the position grants little extra power to Vice-Presidents, except the first Vice-President who stands in for the President when he or she is away.[67]. [57] Under the Lisbon Treaty, EU citizens are also able to request the commission to legislate in an area via a petition carrying one million signatures, but this is not binding. [16] Hallstein notably began the consolidation of European law and started to have a notable impact on national legislation. It does this through the member states or through its agencies. [84] The number of Commission press releases shows a decreasing trend. [50][51] The governmental powers of the Commission have been such that some, including former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, have suggested changing its name to the "European Government", calling the present name of the Commission "ridiculous". [16], The three bodies, collectively named the European Executives, co-existed until 1 July 1967 when, under the Merger Treaty, they were combined into a single administration under President Jean Rey. In 1958, the Treaties of Rome had established two new communities alongside the ECSC: the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom). Administrative entities / Membri . In adopting the necessary technical measures, the commission is assisted by committees made up of representatives of member states and of the public and private lobbies[64] (a process known in jargon as "comitology"). Înregistraţi-vă! Appointment. 1 like. Los Comités y los Grupos se encargan del trabajo preparatorio de los expedientes antes de que se debatan las en reuniones del Consejo. [45], The commission was set up from the start to act as an independent supranational authority separate from governments; it has been described as "the only body paid to think European". El Consejo Europeo es la institución de la UE que define la orientación política general y las prioridades de la Unión Europea. The exact number of Commissioners was to be decided by a unanimous vote of the European Council, and membership would rotate equally between member states.

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